Driver Requirements

What type of driving licence is required in Ireland and Overseas?

In order to comply with our insurance policy, the following restrictions now apply in relation to eligibility to rent a car in Ireland:

Customers must have been eligible to hold a valid driver's licence for 8 years of which 2 years must be at a full driver's licence qualification.

To rent a People Carrier, customers must have been eligible to hold a valid driver's licence for 10 years of which 2 years must be at a full driver's licence qualification.

To rent a Minibus, a 4x4 or a Luxury Car, customers must have been eligible to hold a valid driver's licence for 12 years of which 2 years must be at a full driver's licence qualification.

Restrictions may be reduced where renters provide their own fully comprehensive insurance cover, by prior arrangement only.

If you have the new format Photocard Driver's Licence, you must show the original of both the Photocard and its paper counterpart. If you are resident of a country other than Ireland, you must show the original of your driving licence issued in your country of permanent residence, along with a translation into English (where appropriate). Only the renter or drivers agreed by Avis are permitted to drive the vehicle.

.If you rent abroad: You will need the original licence and an international licence in Australia but not in the USA, Canada, South Africa and most European countries.
Please note that some countries in Asia and Africa (e.g. China, India), Avis Chauffeur Drive is required as you may not be allowed to drive the vehicle yourself.

Can I rent a car even if I have points (endorsements) on my driving licence?

If you have endorsements on the licence please contact us on 1890 22 33 55 before making your booking.

Can I have an additional driver?

The rental vehicle is normally only insured for the person who makes the rental. If others plan to drive the car, they must be added to the Rental Agreement when the car is collected. Additional drivers are subject to the same conditions regarding age, credit card and driving licence as the renter. There will be a charge for each additional driver.

Are Avis vehicles supplied with a full tank of fuel?

Yes, all our rental vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel. When it comes to refuelling your Avis vehicle, we offer a number of fuel options designed to suit your requirements.Click here to find out more about our fuel options

Do I need to refuel the car before returning it?

We offer a number of fuel options to suit your requirements. Click here to find out more about the fuel options that we offer.

Can I purchase fuel in advance?

Yes, we offer you the chance to prepay for your fuel with our Fuel Up Front option.
Please click here to find out more about the fuel options that we offer.
What if I break down or need help on the road?

Renting in Ireland
Please call us on 1890 45 55 65.

Renting outside of Ireland
Please check with the staff at the rental location to confirm what breakdown or accident assistance is available. Avis provides free 24 hour Roadside Assistance in case of breakdown or accident involving your Avis rental car anywhere and this service is usually included in your rental.

How many passengers are allowed to travel in the vehicle?

The maximum number of passengers allowed to travel within each vehicle is indicated in the vehicle details on the website.In the interest of safety this number must not be exceeded, otherwise your insurance will be invalidated.

What does 'Vehicle Registration Fee' mean?

In most countries, a 'registration fee' or 'vehicle registration fee' is levied. This fee is revealed separately and covers costs related to vehicle registration, motorway tolls (Vignette), etc. Depending on the country, the fee is levied per rental day or as a fixed amount per rental. This fee is normally included in the quote.

What about Congestion Charge in London?

The London Congestion Charge is a surcharge levied against all vehicles entering central London between 07:00hrs and 18:00hrs, Monday to Friday (no charge is made during weekends or on public holidays). If you collect your rental car from Avis locations within the congestion zone during charging hours (Mayfair and Waterloo) Avis will purchase the permit for the first calendar day (will be added to the total price).

For additional days, if you are driving within the zone when the charge is in force, you will be liable to pay. Permits may be purchased via authorised retail outlets, by post, the Internet or by phone (0845 900 1234). An £8 permit can be purchased any time up until 22:00hrs on the day rising to £10 if purchased after 22:00hrs.

Currently the zone covers the following areas: Bayswater, Notting Hill, North and South Kensington, Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Brompton, Belgravia, Pimlico, St. James's, Waterloo, Borough, City of London, Clerkenwell, Finsbury, Holborn, Bloomsbury, Soho. Mayfair and parts of Marylebone. There is a charge for the use of vehicles on roads within the charging zone, but not for using roads round the perimeter itself.

Failure to purchase a permit will result in the customer of a vehicle being issued with a penalty notice to the value of £100, this would be discounted to £50 if paid within 14 days. If Avis receives a penalty notice, Avis will pay on behalf of the customer and then send an invoice to the customer with the addition of an administration fee.

For further details regarding congestion charging please and other Click here to view the Transport for London website or call Transport for London on 0207 9414500.

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