Car hire in Germany

Car rental in Germany

Take to the road in the country that produced famous car brands such as Audi, BMW, Porsche, VW and Mercedes-Benz.

It's all about the drive

Choose the car you prefer and enjoy a smooth drive along some of Germany’s most famous routes such as the famous Autobahn, the Brothers Grimm Trail next to Frankfurt on Fairy-tale Road, and the picturesque setting of The Romantic Road from Wurzberg to Füssen in southern Germany. The high standards of Germany’s beautiful open road is a considerable addition to your motoring enjoyment enhanced by magnificent backdrops such as the Black Forest, surrounded by the Rhine Valley stretching from western Germany to the south. Along your journey take in the many pinnacles of German culture, such as the iconic Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, and the Olympic stadium in Munich, which hosted the 1972 Olympics. Depending on the timing of your visit you may have the opportunity to fill your boot with presents at Germany’s most renowned Christmas market in Nuremberg.

Cuisine Connoisseur?

For the budding cuisine connoisseur, park up to explore Munich’s oldest beer-house Hofbräuhaus, discover some of the finest chocolate in Europe from the comfort of your car seat while visiting Cologne’s Lindt and Sprungli chocolate factory, or find a parking space near the street-food stalls in Berlin and sample some traditional Currywurst at Konnopke's (the oldest currywurst stand in Berlin).

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