Car hire in Rome

Car hire in Rome

As the capital of Italy, Rome enjoys an illustrious albeit colourful history the remains of which are visible all around the city no matter where you go. Famed for its architecture, art, food, rich heritage and culture, Rome has a wealth of attractions beyond compare. Conquer the city of Rome and all there is to see there with the help of an Avis car rental.

Culture & Heritage

With an unrivalled architectural pedigree, everywhere you look in the city there is another beautiful sight to see with a rich history. To select just a few is impossible but there are a number of must see attractions. Explore the church of all churches, the sublime St Peter's Basilica including the tomb of St Peter beneath. Take a tour of the ancient and iconic Colosseum or sit and watch the world go by on the famous Spanish Steps. Admire the well preserved design of the Pantheon and throw a coin in to the Trevi Fountain. For the art enthusiast, gaze in wonder at the vast art collections compiled by centuries of Pontiffs in the Vatican Museums, home to the renowned Sistine Chapel and works by famed artists such as Michelangelo, Caravaggio and da Vinci among others. Take some time to admire the impressive art collection on display at Museo e Galleria Borghese including some truly magnificent sculptures. The design of the building itself is also to be appreciated. 

Shopping & Dining

Pay a visit to the area around Piazza di Spagna for an exclusive shopping experience. If you are looking for something different you will enjoy a stroll along the unique via del Governo Vecchio. Searching for a one off antique then make a stop at via Margutta and its surrounding streets. Luckily for any visitor an integral part of Romes identity is its culinary prowess. Key to your visit to Rome is making the most of the culinary delights that abound. Delight the taste buds with a refreshing gelato from Fatamorgana. Sample some prize winning real Italian pizza at Acchiappafantasmi. Disregard the budget for a night with a visit to the city’s only 3 Michelin starred La Pergola.   

Wherever you go in Rome make it a first class experience with Avis.

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