Car hire in Asia

A first-hand experience of Asia with a first-class car

Discover everything that Asia has to offer while driving in comfort and style. Take your hire car to spectacular heights across the Karakoram Highway from Pakistan to China surrounded by a sky filled with stars as you drive , or for those intrepid explorers, switch it up a gear as you weave through the acute heights of the notorious Guoliang Tunnel Road. There is plenty to see from the Great Wall of China to the Taj Mahal, renting some of the glory from one of the world’s new seven wonders .

Business or Pleasure

Looking to stand out in the centre of Asia’s business world?, leave a lasting impression as you park up in Hong Kong with a first rate choice in motor-vehicles. If a combination of leisure and luxury is paramount to your lifestyle, enjoy a smooth drive to a high end spa resort in Indonesia’s Seminyak or relax with the A-Listers in a private beach resort in Koh Samui, Thailand.


Satisfy your passion for the automobiles with a trip to Singapore’s Old Ford Motor Factory, or reminisce about the golden-days of automobiles in the Shanghai Auto Museum. If you would rather match your great choice in cars with your high class taste in fashion, follow your Sat Nav to the district of Gangnam in South Korea, a trendy and modern hotspot, or take a cultured spin along the Shinlin Nightmarket in Taiwan, with access to some of the finest, handmade produce in Asia. For the well-travelled gastronome, simply turn your key and set your destination for some authentic tea tasting in Darjeeling, traditional Singaporean beef stew in the Maxwell Road Hawker Centre, or for some unrivalled fine-dining, take a spin to Bangkok to savour some lavish Kobe beef and caviar with a view from the 65th floor.


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